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  • Before applying for your visa to Russia, applicants should decide the visa subclass under which they wish to lodge their visa application.



  • Carefully check the requirements, documents and procedures in agreement with the category of visa you want to apply for.



  • When your passport is ready to be collected, you may come to the Visa Application Centre with your visa fee receipt and a Hong Kong ID Card or any other identity document. Please be advise to provide .related documents in order to collect the passport on behalf of the applicant (Marriage certificate, Birth certificate or Authorization letter).

Business VISA

Common business visa is issued to foreign citizens entering the Russian Federation for business purposes (conducting negotiations, holding seminars, conferences or meetings with business partners).

This visa is issued on the basis of an invitation issued by the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation (FMS of Russia), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation (telex from MFA of Russia)/ an appropriate government structure electronic invitation. 

Common business visa may be issued based on a written invitation* for China (Mainland travel document holders), European Union (except United Kingdom, Ireland and Denmark), United States of America, Japan and India citizens from a host legal entity, company, organization, enterprise, institution or their branches, state or local authorities of the Russian Federation, the organizing committees of the trade and industrial exhibitions, conferences and symposiums.

Common business visa may be single entry or double entry with a period of validity of 90 days, or multiple entry.

*Written invitation should contain the following information:

  1. First name and surname
  2. Date of birth
  3. Sex
  4. Citizenship
  5. The number of valid travel document
  6. The timing and purpose of the visit
  7. Residence address (for Japan citizens)
  8. Occupation (for Japan citizens)
  9. TIN number
  10. The number of entries
  11. The full name and address of the host organization
  12. The first name, surname and position of the person who signed the written invitation

Visa fees vary depending on the nationality of the applicant, visa type, number of entries and processing time.

Please note that in addition to the visa fee applicants are required to pay the Russian Visa Application Centre Service Charge of 297HKD for each visa application.

Payments can be made at the Russian Visa Application Centre in Hong Kong dollars in cash only.

All payments made are non-refundable.

Please click here for the details of visa fees.

  1. Electronic Visa application form

    Visa application form must be filled in on-line, printed out and signed personally by the applicant

  2. One recent photo (size 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm) must be glued to the form
  3. Passport: original and copy of its vital pages

    Passport must have at least two empty pages and must expire not earlier than in six months after trip to Russia.

  4. The original invitation issued by an appropriate Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs branch or a telex number of the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs of Russia / an appropriate government structure electronic invitation.

    OR written invitation from your host company ONLY for the citizens of the following countries:

    •China (Mainland travel document holders) 
    •European Union (except United Kingdom, Ireland)
    •United States of America 
    Written invitation must be completed in accordance with the relevant international agreement.Please note that for Chinese applicants it is also necessary to provide registration documents for the inviting company (State registration number, TAX certificate) and passport copy of the person who signed the invitation

  5. Biography for citizens of Australia (the course of a person's life)
  6. For the citizens of all Schengen countries Ireland and Israel - Insurance policy valid in Russia for the whole travel period.
  7. Permission to stay for more than 90 days (Long-Term Visa) in the country of application (i.e. China Mainland, Hong Kong SAR or Macau SAR)Check the requirements

Please glue to your Visa Application form one recent (not more than 6 months old) personal photo:

  • Size 3,5 x 4,5 cm
  • In color with white background
  • Printed on photo paper
  • Clear and focused
  • Full face with neutral expression
  • Without sunglasses
  • Without hat, cap or other head covering, unless the applicant cannot remove it due to medical, religious or ethnic reasons

Fill in the on-line visa application form at

Please make sure you have written down the access password of your application in case the form needs to be amended. 

You will have to print out the Visa Application form, glue your photo to the form, sign the form personally and indicate the date of submission.

You can submit Visa Application form to our office in person or through an agent or representative.

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